Kim Pincetl


In her designs Kim is drawn instinctively to the sense of place. Sense of place is a combination of the site and those who reside within it. Thus a connection with the client and their needs in their environment is essential to its understanding. That personal connection and understanding of the site can then be interpreted to areas of use. The hardscape of paths, patios, steps, screens etc. which determine the overall layout. An overlay of plants, objects and focal points, within the garden, then complete the design. Kim has also found that an eye-hand connection, in the actual drawing up of the designs, adds to her overall site connection. It’s a process of immersion, obtaining clarity from chaos and finally the creation, illustration and installation of the design. This in turn leads to a sense of balance and comfort both in the aesthetic and actual use of the garden by her clients.

Education: B.A. Psychology, Post Grad Certification: Landscape Design George Washington University

Ginger McKenna


As long as she can remember Ginger has found it particularly rewarding to observe and create space. Originally from the Chicago area, her love of design and sense of style was greatly influenced by homes and gardens of family and friends. Also, by that areas outstanding green spaces and distinctive architecture.

Ginger has spent the last 30 years, here in Utah, as a designer. Initially in interior design and most recently designing and maintaining gardens. She has degrees in Interior Design and Ornamental Horticulture. Hers is an eclectic design style influenced by travels, including: Japan, England, Singapore and Bali.

She believes that every detail should be carefully considered, and all parts work together, to create a harmonious and functional whole. Her attention is continuously drawn toward the effects that color, lighting and architectural details lend to a design. Plants are her particular passion and area of endless interest.

Education: B.A. University of Utah, ’81, The Salt Lake School of Interior Design, ’84, B.S. Ornamental Horticulture, Utah State University